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Fabio Bookcover List

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Last update June 15, 1999 2001 August 18, 2001

Make-A Wish
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Auction Brochure page 3 1998
Haunting Love Stories
Bewitching Love Stories (anthology)
A Bride's Temptation A book of Three bride's stories (Susan Sackett is one of the authors -
I corresponded with her while running a Star Trek convention is 1975!)
Village Voice Summer Reading Supplement, 1998
Akers, Nancy Richards
The Heart and the Rose 1995, Not Fabio; these are Joe Anselmo (dark hair and eyes, similiar build)
The Heart and the Holly1996 Ditto, Not Fabio
Anderson, Catherine
Commanche Heart, 1991
Commanche Moon, 1993
Ankrym, Barbara
Renegade Bride NEWto our list cover
Ashley, Amanda
Bechko, Peggy
Cloud Dancer Harlequin Historical #76 5/91 NEW Addition to the List
Baker, Madeline
Comanche Flame, 1992
Balser , Joan
Passions of the Realm, 1988 NEW SCAN
Barlow, Linda
Hold Back the Night Silhoutte Intimate Moments#166 11/86 NEW Addition to the list
Barnett, Jill
Just A Kiss Away, 1991
Barton, Beverly
Out of Danger, 1991 They often altered Fabio's face since they were shooting so many covers all at once. Hard life!
Becnel, Rexanne
My Gallant Enemy NEW SCAN
Bittner, Rosanne
Commanche Sunset NEW SCAN
Comanche Sunset, other copy (back), 1991
Blake, Jennifer
Prisoner of Desire, 1991 trade edition
Bonander, Jane
Secrets of a Midnight Moon
Bourne, Caroline
Texas Fire,1989
Brandewyne, Rebecca
Swan Road, 1994
Beyond the Starlit Frost, 1991
Beyond the Starlit Frost, Back Cover 1991 NEW SCAN
Bristol, Leigh
Silver Twilight NOT FABIO
Brown, Virgina
Desert Dreams
Bryan, Jessica
Across a Wine-Dark Sea
Burrough Edgar Rice
the SIX Tarzan Covers - Rescanned
Tarzan of the Apes
The Return of Tarzan
The Beasts of Tarzan
The Son of Tarzan
Tarzan: The Jewels of Opar
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Busbee, Shirlee
Whisper To Me of Love
To Love Again
Byers, Cordia
Eden, 1992
Camden, Patricia
Surrender in Scarlet, 1991
Promise me Magic, 1995 NOT FABIO
Cameron, Caryn
Liberty's Lady
Camp, Deborah
Fallen Angel NOT FABIO
Camp, Elaine
In A Pirates Arms Silhouette Special Edition #159 (undated) NEW Addition to the list
Campbell, Bethany
Sand Dollar
Carmichael, Emily
Touch of Fire
Visions of the Heart
Cates, Kimberly
Restless is the Wind NOT FABIO
Charles, Maggi
The Star Seeker New Scan
Chemey, Sally
Game of Hearts NEW Addition to the list
Cleary, Gwen
Dream's Desire
Collins, Marion Smith
Better Than Ever NEW Addition to the list
Cooper, Louise
The Pretender, Chaos Gate Trilogy, book 2
Copeland, Lori
Passion's Captive NOT FABIO
Fool Me Once NOT FABIO
Coulter, Catherine
Season of the Sun, 1991 NEW SCAN
Creel, Catherine
Texas Spitfire NEW Addition to the list
Crenshaw, Nadine
Edin's Embrace, 1989 NEW SCAN
Daniels, Elizabeth
Paradise In His Arms, 1992 Yes, this is Fabio, Paradise In His Arms Ver2
Delazzari, Joann
Scoundrel's Captive, 1991 NEW SCAN
Dellin, Genell
Cherokee Sundown, 1992
Cherokee Dawn, 1992
Cherokee Nights, 1992
Deobold, Sue
Savage Splendor, 1988 NEW SCAN
Donovan, Sandra
Deception's Fire (Yes)
Drake, Shannon
Bride of the Wind, 1992
Damsel in Distress, Damsel In Distress, Ver. 2, 1992
Knight of Fire, 1992 (Thumbnail) 6" size (inside cover) NEW SCAN
Edwards, Cassie
Savage Mists, Savage Mists Cover 6" scan Savage Mists (inside) NEW SCANS
Savage Persuasion , 1991 Savage Persuasion Cover, Savage Persuasion inside NEW SCANS
Savage Promise, 1995
Savage Sunrise
Erickson, Lynn
The Touchstone, 1989
Fabio (and co-authors)
Dangerous can be had at Barnes and Noble - barnesandnoble.com that is. Not at amazon.com. I may have to change affiliations!
His books are almost out of print - Check Amazon, then Barnes & Noble, etc.

Mysterious Pinnacle, 6/98 ,
Available (He's a mysterious psychic working as a garage mechanic attempting to solve a murder or two.)
Pirate Avon, 11/93, Set in Sept. 1742 6" scan NEW SCAN
Comanche Avon, 5/95, Set in spring 1872 6" scan NEW SCAN
Champion Avon, 11/95 a medieval knight out for revenge. I haven't read it
Wild Pinnacle, 7/97, comtemporary (he's a drug agent) (6" scan) Uncorrected Proof of Wild
Viking Avon, 11/94 time-travel, present to Viking era 6" scan NEW SCAN
Dangerous Pinnacle, 6/96, contemporary (he's twins - one good, one bad, who's who?) 6" scan NEW SCAN
Rogue Avon, 5/94, Set in March 1821 6" scan NEW SCAN
Fabio Fitness (9/95) (large cover), 1994-1998 Still available
Flynn, Casey
The Gods of Ireland book II [Most Ancient Song---Lovestorm], 1990
French, Judith
Lovestorm   (WOW), 1990
Moonfeather, 1990
By Love Alone, 1987
Scarlet Ribbons, 1989

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