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Last update July 13, 1999 2001 August 18, 2001

Nielsen, Virginia
"Moonlight On Snow"
Norris , Carol
A Breath of Paradise, 1994 printing; SAME COVER AS The Viking's Bride by Tetel, Julie - 1987; same pose,
different background, mirror image of Fabio and the female model
O'Brien, Kathleen
Between Mist and Midnight This is an altered face cover
Palmer, Catherine
Outlaw Heart
Palmer, Diane
Trilby, 1993
Amelia Amelia is another Trilby session cover
Phillips, Patricia
Potter, Patricia
Lightning, 1992
The Abduction
Quick, Amanda
Ravished, 1992
Robards, Karen
Tiger's Eye , 1995 YES. IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. THIS IS HIM! (I hate this cover!) (So do others!)
Some of his early covers were not on the original cover list - for some bizarre reason, his office didn't want to admit
he had done them. This one would be a good reason!
Robins, Gina
Love's Sweetest Secret
Robinson, Suzanne
Heart of the Falcon
Roenbeck, Patricia
Golden Temptress, 1997
Rogers, Marylyle
Dark Whispers, 1992
Chanting the Dawn (blown up) ,1991
The Eagles Song , 1992
Proud Hearts , 1990
Wary Hearts, 1988
Roseberry, Sherry
Tender Deceptions, 1991
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  
Aliein Influences, 1994 (from stories in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1991 and 1992.
The art says copyright 1997 but it may be from an old session.
Ryan, Nan
Savage Heat, 1990
Saddler, Barry
Casca The Cursed (1993) (no. 18 in the series)
Casca the Warrior (1993) (No. 17 in the series
Scott, Kristal Leight
Bound by Ecstasy
Scott, Theresa
Savage Betrayal, 1987
Bride of Desire
Shannon, Colleen
Golden Fires Altered Face - outtake from "Surrender the Night"
Surrender the Night\
Shiplett, June Lund
The Gathering of the Winds
Simmons, Deborah
Heart's Masquerade, 1989 altered face - not entirely sure this is Fabio
Simms, Charlotte
Silver Caress, 1990
Sinclair, Rebecca
Wild Scottish Embrace, Front,Wild Scottish Embrace, Back, 1991
Small, Bertrice
A Moment in Time, 1991 (Is this him?? Some say no. Some yes. On the RT list.)
Enchantress Mine (He's on the back), 1986
To Love Again
Smith, Bobbi
Texas Splendor
Speer, FLora
Viking Passion
Steel, Judith
Apache Fire   Back cover, 1989
Apache Heartbeat, 1989
Stevens, Stephanie
Defiant Angel, 1991
Stirling, Elaine K.
More Than a Feeling
Stuart, Anne
Night of the Phantom, 1991
Stuart, Casey
Passion's Prisoner
Summers, Faye
Winterhall 1991 NOT FABIO
Suson, Marlene
The Lily and the Hawk NOT FABIO
Syvertsen, Ryder
Hot! Hot! Hot! Mystic Rebel Series Oh yes, It is him!
Mystic Rebel #1,
The Dancing Dead #2
Darkness Decends #3, 1988
Temple of Dark Destiny #4, 1989
Cave of the Master #5, 1990
Fortress of Forbidden Destiny #6, Better copy1991
Taylor, Janelle
Wild Sweet Promise, 1989
Tetel, Julie
The Viking's Bride, 1987 (See also Norris, Carol A Breath of Paradise; popular pose!
Sweet Sensations
Toth, Pamela
Valentine, Terri
Master of her Heart, 1990
Van Nuys, Joan
Beloved Enchantress, 1990
Vaughan, Vivian
Sweet Texas Nights
Wayne, Rochelle
Midnight Slave
Weir, Theresa
Iguana Bay
Weyrich, Becky Lee
Silver Tears
White, Tiffany
A Dark and Stormy Knight
Whitfield, Isabel
Silver Fury
Wiete, Robin Leanne
Rebel's Desire
Wilde, Lauren
Creole Temptress
Williams, Bronwyn
Gideon's Fall     Gideon's Fall(back cover)
York, Alison
That Dear Perfection
Electronic Gaming Monthly
magazine, 1990
Thor Cartoon Series, Warner Brothers has purchased it.
Thor, 1998 - no air date set yet
Wizards and Warriors II Electronic Game Cover
Iron Sword

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