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Date: March 2016

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From the Valentines Promo - Another Kitten shot


Date: February 2016



Streaming Service Offers “Your Perfect Valentine’s Date” With Fabio,
Adds More Than 20 New Titles to Library for February

LOS ANGELES – February 10, 2016 – This Valentine’s Day, Feeln, the SVOD service and subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, brings streaming video viewers the ultimate romantic date that can be enjoyed in sweatpants and from the comfort of one’s own living room.

“Your Perfect Valentine’s Date” allows viewers to stream a virtual “date” with the Italian supermodel and actor Fabio known for his muscular figure, flowing hair, piercing blue eyes, dazzling smile, and for his appearance on countless romance novel covers.

The stream will go live on Feeln (www.Feeln.com) on Wednesday, February 10. The “date” begins with Fabio lounging on a rose petal-strewn bear skin rug, in front of a crackling fire as he gently murmurs, “So, tell me about your day.” Then over the course of the date, he listens attentively, nodding occasionally, smiling, and looking seductive, as smooth jazz plays in the background. He offers a glass of champagne, roses, and quotes from favorite romantic movies, which are also available on Feeln in the “Always and Forever” collection. Fabio is accompanied by two adorable kittens, who are alternatively nestled in his powerful arms, or lovingly frolicking with him on the bear skin rug.

The kittens appearing in the video are all adoptable, and for further information, visit www.thecatclub.org.

“I am grateful to Feeln for allowing me to provide pleasure to so many women this Valentine’s Day,” whispered Fabio.

People magazine once called Fabio, “the man with a face that has launched a thousand romance novels and a chest on which a squadron of fighter planes could land with no problem.” Fabio is an Italian fashion model, spokesperson, author, and actor. He has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including “Zoolander,” “The Bold & the Beautiful” and Terrence Malick’s “Knight of Cups.”

In addition to “Your Perfect Valentine’s Date” with Fabio, this month Feeln warms up the virtual world with some new additions to their vast library of heartfelt romantic titles. The service is the exclusive streaming destination for the esteemed Hallmark “Hall of Fame” films. Feeln organizes its library of hundreds of movies and series into playlists that fit the viewer’s mood, so whether it’s girls’ night or date night, Feeln always delivers the right entertainment.

FANS! Click on image to enlarge - lovely on a big screen! Oh yes! Red wine or your libation of choice recommended.
Now go play the video!
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Another Article about this


Fabio - 2016 - Valentines 2

They reran the episode of Cupcake Wars 2/13/16


Date: December 2015




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Because we love Fabio on Motorcycles!

Recent (2012)

And this oldie but goodie (1990s)


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"Offical Fabio International Fan Club" is the name of the group


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if you are on facebook - join it! This group has posted a LOT of art!

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