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Date: February 2018

NEWS: Update FEBRUARY 2018

Fabio will grace the cover of MALIBU MAGAZINE early 2018


- Coming to CreateSpace/Amazon print (working on it)

She's vowed to never love again...

Seeking escape from a bad break up, Sandra Waring flees home to Connecticut.
Anticipating a weekend of relaxation and a new future, she instead finds
herself stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, her rental car wrecked in a ditch.

A tall, dark, and gorgeous stranger comes to her rescue, offering her a safe haven
in his rural, secluded home. Miles away from her final destination, Sandra sees
no other option than to accept. Besides, she's on vacation, and maybe a little wine
and song with a gorgeous man is just what she needs to totally relax.

He's vowed to never kill again...

Vampire Drako Lanzoni would rather not be tempted by the beautiful woman
who calls to his soul as well as hunger, but he has no choice. He offers her a safe
haven for a few days until the blizzard passes, hoping the storm will ward off the
showdown to come with his old enemy. Once the woman is on her way, he'll put
an end to their centuries-old battle.

He's the one used to weaving the spells, but
the longer he stays in Sandra’s company, the more he's ensnared.

But as the end draws near,
Drako realizes he'll need to kill again to save his lover and himself...

Book was written for the Fabio Fan Club


Sometimes looking back is a good thing!

NEWS: AUGUST 21, 2017

Article lists top celebrity pitchmen/pitchewomen - and Fabio? in the top ten!


NEWS: JULY - Sharknado 5 - Global Swarming (2017)

Just confirmed that Fabio will be at Comic Con (in San Diego) next Friday (July 21) to promote his appearance in Sharknado 5 as the Pope - how cool is that?

Clip of one of his scenes from the movie - he did good - never cracked up - he had some outrageous lines!


Model Fabio Returned as Celebrity Grand Marshal

for the 5th Annual “The Greatest Escape” Motorcycle Ride for Mesothelioma Research in Los Angele


...."I was riding yesterday for the Veterans who have mesothelioma, the ride is called "The Greatest Escape",
Steve McQueen used to be the Grand Marshal of the ride... now for the last 3 years,
I have had the honor of being the Grand Marshal" ~ Fabio

The ride was on Sunday June 4, 2017


Fabio will be on Watters World on Fox news Channel (Saturday May 6th) ( The segment will run at 8 PM & 11 PM Eastern time and will be repeated again on Sunday.


Fabio Does Radio

Monday, 05/01/17, Fabio will be on 3 different Radio Shows !!
1.) The LAURA INGRAHAM Show - In The Morning
2.) KFI's JOHN & KEN - 3pm to 6pm (Pacific Time)
3. The WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Show - 790 Talk Radio

UPDATE: FABO Iappeared on TUCKER Carlson's show (Fox News) - TONIGHT , April 28th, 2017 ....AT 8:00pm(Eastern)....5:00pm (Pacific). His approximate time was 5:45 Pacific.


Fabio on Access Hollywood (April 2017)

Preview of show:

Fabio is only one of the celebrities that have been robbed of late. Word is a safe was lifted out of the floor

and he lost around $200,000. "Nothing major." His enormous collection of motorcycles was not mentioned

as being affected.

Go here for His latest commercials for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and Hallmark

NEWS: New Ad for 2016 - ICBINB AD - featuring a whale. Click Here (Older page)


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