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In the Sand 

Laying in the sand ------ OK - I can dig that!


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Eric P. Ashenberg
Fabio, Inc. / Thor Four, LLC
3000 Olympic Blvd., Suite 2378
Santa Monica, CA. 90404

Including requests for autographed Photos (Requires a postage-paid SAE big enough to hold it - 9x11 envelope would do it) -

Need to contact his agent? Mail to the webmaster and state your interest and contact information. Please put FABIO in the Subject line - someplace. This will be forwarded to the office. I do not provide either their eMail address or phone number unless instructed to do so by the office.
This is for professional contact only please. (This includes valid charities)
Fabio's Book Covers - Nearly 400 of them (mostly GIFs - scanned years ago)

Photo Collection - yours, his, mine and ours

Check Out WEBSHOTS.COM - We have albums up there

All About Fabio

The Answers to the Fan Questions July 8, 2002 Interview
We did earlier ones but they have expired - don't you think?

See Adventures in Stalking Fabio and Other Stories

We have a Yahoo Group - FabioIFC - if you haven't heard from us by email - GO ADD YOUR NAME. should be the corect link. (Yahoo doesn't let me choose my email address - they FORCE the SBC address on me -

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Date: July 2007


AMERICAN FUSION (Our site) - See the trailer on YouTube

and on the movie site

Fabio in a wedding scene!

Saying "I do" ---- Wait ---- it's -----

I am going to be hot and bothered all night!

Fabio. Well, That about says it all.

New office address:

Fabio, Inc. / Thor Four, LLC
3000 Olympic Blvd., Suite 2378
Santa Monica, CA. 90404

Fabio: 365 Fitness Franchise new!

Fabio's New Car OK - I didn't get to exactly drape him over it -----

- and Photos from the Birthday Party - Part 1 and Part 2

OK - Fabio taped something for the Best Buy website - check it out Feb 14th.

Fabio's back with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - New Version his idea (Olice Oil - must go try this one!)

He was on the Today Show - Thursday AM - January 18th

I'll grab an image - haven't found video posted on-line - see it - let me know

Another Interview was called Fabio's Finances on the "Squawk Box"

On all his Romance Novel Covers - he said" Life was a Bitch - Dirty job
- Somebody's got to do it !" (laughing all the way)

Yep - it's on line - click over to the right "Fabio's Finances" - One of these works

He said he's opening a line of gyms

He did over 21 interviews across two days

Here's another one on-line - poor quality video however


And there is a contest - win a week on an island

The new website has Fabio talking to you - one thing - have him call you!!!!

If you are slow to clock --- he will prompt you!

OH MY LORD -- HE TALKS ---- they LOOP HIM --- I can only look at it so long at one time!

(you need the FLASH player-----download from Adobe (They bought Macromedia) )

Remember this? First print ad for ICBINB - And we all ran out and bought the product ----


2006 INDEX Fabio had a busy year!

The Italian Vampire --- A Novel being written for the Fan Club

Read about Drako Lanzoni du Sang --- remind you of someone? ------ Watch for the next installment my home page

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Remember that boxers or briefs is not an appropriate question.
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