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Date: August 2007
Some Shots of Fabio's Modeling - Click on an image to enlarge-

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GQ, The GAP, Clothing Lines

GQ Stubble Short dark hair model plaid shirt Blue Shirt - GAP Modeling Denim Shirt and a smile Plaid_shirt_GAP Ad head shot

Blue Sweater GAP Ad Gap-Sweater Ford Modeling Book In the Sand 1989-90

Jacket Ad Jacket Ad - GAP French Interview French Interview

 Ford Book Ford Book Ford Book Wild MAn 2 Ad Sequence - Stairs

AndrewMarc - SAKS - and a billboard (Fabio in his garage)

bike bike shot Wild Mechanic - Ad

Button AREA1 Photo AREA2 thmb

Anthony Mouto for Moro SAKS FIFTH AVENUE - Cosmo Article - People Cover (article shots below in last row)

Ad Sequence - table Tank - Ad JOUJOU Ad Sequence - Fabio and mirror Mane Man button-sexy

Fabio and the Beach go together

Medertarranium Ad Italian Interview Italian Interview Swim Trunk Ad Surf Board button-Mediterannium

Electronic Games - Science Fiction and Fantasy Covers (Tarzan covers included) and about 400 Romance Novel Covers, Calendars

Game Cover Tiger on chain .. Tiger On the Rocks Crunch Game Cover

Books and Calendars; Some images appear in Promotional Ads, Anti-Smoking, etc.

Double Exposure White Tux - PROM anyone? Inside Cover of one of the novels (overexposed - I will fix) Calendar-towel Cancer Ad

Videos; CD; Exercise, People Magazine

black speedo People Article Beach Towel On The Beach on the rocks

1994 Calendar, Promotions, Ads , Fabio After Dark CD, pictures from People Article

1994 Calendar horseback Fabio CD Cover People Cover

People continued and American Fitness (1993) People (2001) , 1993 Calendar - bike

People Article American Fitness People 2001 1993 Calendar


Fabio Bookscovers - Misc. (Under Construction)

Fabio Bookcovers - Alpha Order (Under construction)

Home Page - Fabio Fan Site

Home Page - Fabio INC.



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