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Fabio has become a multimedia star and Romance Icon in more than 100 countries. His image has appeared on the cover of more than 3,000 romance novels that have sold over 250 million copies worldwide.


The Fabio phenomenon is unique in the history of the publishing and entertainment industries considering the continuous global media attention and multi-media business opportunities he has received as the ubiquitous hero of the romance-publishing genre and the personification of millions of women’s romantic fantasies.


Fabio has become one of only a handful of people to achieve icon status. Chosen for his unique appearance by romance authors to personify their fantasy hero and embraced by the millions of readers of these romance novels, Fabio became the most popular fantasy of the heroic male image ever depicted on book covers. Industry experts were amazed to discover that book sales dramatically increased whenever Fabio was on the cover of any novel. When the media became fascinated with the “Fabio Phenomenon”, his icon status was established and in the years since has only become even more deeply embedded in the collective mind of the public.


As a result, Fabio’s name and image are recognized throughout the Western World and the Far East. The novels Fabio authored have all been best sellers and have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Albanian, Polish and many other languages. As a result, he was honored by Romantic Times Magazine as the leading Romantic Icon of the 20th Century. 

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